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My argument was your comparison to Trump and the way you characterized it. How can you compare anything Biden is doing to trying to overthrow our democracy.

This is what called a red herring - when the core of my argument is about Biden Administration's perfomance and you respond with a logical equivalent of "But Hitler!".

Since you are so eager to talk about January 6, lets talk about it. Let assume that Trump tried to "overthrow our democracy". He existed in a fully recorded White House that is now controlled by Biden, there will be plentiful records of wrongdoing. With this in mind, why is Trump's criminal acts are not being prosecuted? Nixon did a lesser crime and had to be pardoned.

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Biden does not have command over how individual Senators vote.

What presedent does? Yet other presidents mostly managed to pass key legislature when controlling Senate and Congress.

The issue is not of control, but in lack of leadership - Biden is clearly not capable of producing legislation that his own party would agree to. After DECADES in government, you would think he would understand how to do that.

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