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Collusion is not a crime, so no.

Hillary colluded with the Russians with her Reset Button. Obama colluded with the Russians when he promised greater 'flexibility' after the election.

Why didn't you object to either of those?

I don't think we have same definition of collusion.

I have no problem with Trump trying to reset diplomatic relationship with Russia. I actually think it is good idea, considering that cooperation with Russia could be beneficial in Middle East.

I would have a problem with Trump receiving assistance, in form of intel and leaks, from Russian spies during elections. I also believe doing so is criminal, not simply amoral.

Now, if Trump, already POTUS, received intel from Russian spies. That would be diplomacy.

The difference is that in one case Trump personally benefited, and in another case he is acting on behalf of US government.

If he received the "assistance" without knowing or asking for it or physically receiving it, is that the same thing you consider collusion?