It's a good thing, then that we in the United States live in a representative democracy under a federal system, and not under a democracy.

As long as that is the case, and as long as Democrats are unwilling to accept the reality of the system under which we live, their electoral collapse will continue indefinitely.

Trump wasn't my first choice (Ted Cruz was), but I will see a majority of the policies I want implemented under a Trump administration rather than none of my preferred policies were I to have taken a #NeverTrump stance.

Majorities are of critical importance in American politics. If you fail to recognize that fact, you will forever fail due to the inevitable consequences of a divide and conquer approach. Minorities enact few policies. The policies we live under come from the party that is in the majority.

If you are OK with the policies enacted by the majority party, terrific. If not, you need to change your strategy, for otherwise you will consistently be defeated.

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