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And you have no valid argument.

I have to agree with Owain. Simply yelling racist is not going to cut it.

Here is direct questions to you:

a. Should we take in prison population from other countries? If no, why is this not racist view?
b. Should we deport non-citizen immigrants that committed violent crimes in US? If yes, why is this not a racist view?
c. Should we turn away people that professed hatred for our way of life, including rejection of social and civic norms? If yes, why is this not racist view?

I like the leading questions. I'll bite.

A. It's not racist because prisoner is not a race.
B. Non-citizen immigrants who commit violent crimes should be kicked out based on their crime, not their race.
C. No. full stop. Expressing hatred for "our" way of life is such a bullshit leading question. What happened to "free speech". Saying, I hate American values because most Americans are fucking dumb backwards hicks, who bang their family members should not be enough to disqualify someone from citizenship. Saying White people are the devil, although fucked up, should not be the basis of disqualification.

We are a country that went from "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” To, "I got mine, fuck you"

My Irish relatives would have never made it into this country if we bared people based on where they were from. My Greek relatives would have never made it into this country if we banned people based on where they were from.

Now that we have gone off the rails, I want to correct the direction of this conversation. Trump is a racist, plain and simple. He has a record of picking out countries where the majority of the population is black, and saying some very inflaming statements. You know, how they bring AID's into this country, they are from "shit holes". I mean, he put the whole CONTINENT of Africa on blast. this joke is getting less funnier the more we continue this.

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