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You should always be getting your news from multiple outlets.

The 24/7 "news" business has brought the quality of this business way down. That shit is not news, its entertainment at this point. Good rule of thumb, if someone is giving you their opinion, its not news.

Unfortunately at the end of the day this is still a business and it needs to make money. That's why, if it bleeds it leads. It is also why its not just the media's fault, its the viewers as well.

Funny enough, all this talk reminds me of this clip from Newsroom:

I agree that the media needs to make money and it's also society's fault. However they have an obligation to not be biased and report the truth. They can show the other crap anytime, but they should always be neutral and report the truth. In the end it would make them as much or more money because they would be respected. The ONLY reason I watch any mainstream TV at all is for Football and some local news.

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