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If this needs clarification then I'll provide it. I don't think any of you are actually nazis, but I do think these positions in this debate are the same as those held by actual nazis, and I am disturbed by that.

The only disturbing position in this argument is your disregard for analytical thinking and unthinking support of your dogma. I have asked you a number of times to justify your position. You failed to do so, instead you attempted to shame without first establishing moral authority to do so. More so, your bad faith arguments demonstrate that you have no moral authority on this subject and should be disregarded either as a dishonest person with an agenda or unthinking simpleton. I am not yet convinced that you are dishonest person. In that line...

I asked you previously where you draw a line in these events. Many ANTIFA members were filmed engaging in attacks on journalist, exercising hecklers veto to suppress speakers in public places like campuses, and destruction of property other than statues in question. Do you believe that their stated goals justify the means? Do you believe that these stated goals and actual goals align?

When Trump stated that both sides should be condemned for initiating violence, do you believe him to be categorically wrong?

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