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If you ever wandered what death feels like, while parts of your mind go blank as your brain shuts down, and reality loses cohesion as the darkness closes in... well, wonder no more. Just read Owains absurd posts. If they make sense, you just might be expiriencing initial stages of dying.

Personal attacks are prohibited in this forum. Do I need make formal charges, or will a polite reminder suffice?

This is the second time you are pulling this stunt and attempting to file charges over getting butthurt on this forum. All while pages of your own "work" here contain much worse. I am officially telling you to stop this behavior. If you threaten me with charges over political forum ever again, publicly or otherwise, I will file charges against you to get your political forum posting privileges removed. Am I being clear?

I mean I could go back early in this thread and find multiple instances of Owain comparing me to a prostitute because I am a Journalist, or other names he's called me. Don't worry too much about it Sini, it seems conservatives live in a constant state of fear and anxiety, they are the snowflakes they like to call others. Party of projection