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If I am wrong about that

You are being modest. You are wrong just about everything.

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I look forward to your links to articles from anyone complaining about high air fares caused by a Boeing monopoly, high taxes caused by Ex Im loans, or the current crippling rate of inflation.

I am not sure you read any of the articles I linked, but here are some more:

Brookings on aircraft industry. This Brookings Institution

The basic logic behind trade enforcement mechanisms, whether pursued unilaterally or multilaterally through the WTO, is an attempt to “level the playing field,” or to correct the market for the distortions of government interventions. The problem is, when it comes to aircraft manufacturing, there’s never been anything close to a perfectly competitive, distortion-free market: It’s politics and subsidies all the way down.

Given how governments are so deeply and fundamentally involved in the industry, asking what a jet would cost in the absence of government distortions to the market is an impossible question. Government distortions constitute the aircraft market; take them away, and there’s nothing left.

[PDF] List of Boeing Subsidies challenged by EU . This is list where EU has sufficient evidence to start trade dispute.

The Economist: Boeing vs Bombardier

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