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Sure. We are 10 month into Biden's presidency and the following happened:

1. 5%+ inflation
2. Supply chain collapse - fuel shortages, car shortages, electronics shortages and is getting worse every day.
3. Desiastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan
4. Refugee crisis at the southern border

These are just undeniable failures as I am not even brining up soft scandals like Hunter Biden or grouping.

These things were well under way under Trump, if not directly initiated by Trump such as Afghanistan.

I'm not going to argue that Biden has handled everything well by any stretch, but economic and supply chain issues didnt suddenly happen and are not the result of any policies Biden has instituted. The economy has huge momentum and turns slowly, and actions taken under Trump will still bear the largest impact for the next couple years at least.

As far as supply chain shortages, Trump directly did the most damage there by instigating the trade war with China. That being said, there are myriad other factors and a reasonable case can be made that starting the process of economic distancing from China was a good policy even if it would be painful in the short term, but still, aside from COVID that is the biggest factor in starting the spiral of supply chain disruption and exacerbated COVID shortages because the high tariffs made business less likely to replenish in uncertain COVID market combined with uncertain tariss/trade environment - aka why commit to purchase in COVID uncertainty when the tariffs might go away by the time materials needed, etc. Which shouldnt be seen as me taking a stance against the China tariffs, but the uncertain trade environment certainly contributed to decisions made when COVID hit that sparked supply chain failcascades.

In any case, the supply chain issues are deep and long building - Biden may well not institute policy that properly facilitates recovery, but in no way does he bear culpability for the current state of ther issue.

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