Are We Ready for Trump’s Second Term?
Could he win? Of course he could. It is unlikely—though not impossible!—that the current air of chaos and free fall around the Biden administration will continue for the next three years.

A more sober outlook at the reality of Biden's administration and potential consequences for 2024. Biden was essentially elected on "I am not Trump, lets move on from Trump era" platform. He is failing to deliver on that core issue. More so, if Biden unable to run due to health complications, Kamala Harris candidacy will result in unavoidable electorial disaster.

At this point the trainwreck appears to be inevitable. BIden is unable to jettison deeply unpopular agenda and Trump is set to run on the platform of grivances by his base that were made much worse and undeniable since 2016.

Save for a miracle, start preparing for Trump's second term, only this time around he will be unrestrained and able to act on his worse impulses.

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