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On a personal note, and knowing you for many years, I can't comprehend your support for the worst President in our history.

I am not blind to your criticisms of Trump, I was hoping you would go into specifics so I can show you we largely agree on the facts if not interpretations. I am glad you quoted George Conway, because I enjoyed him skewering Trump in most brutal and on-point way. There is no good-faith argument to be had that Trump's personal character makes him fit for presidency. Still, I see Trump as the lesser evil.

I don't think arguing over this worth the cost of personal relationships. Let's try talking about this in a year or so.

Please don't ever think that I judge people personally for their political opinions. I differ with many in KGB much more than you. If anything, they jettison me. I have lost more liberal friends than conservative friends to date so maybe my side is too sensitive.

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