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I am curious what right-leaning people here think about Trump's affinity for Putin.

The only affinity I see is when it comes to taking out terrorists. I think there is a certain mutual agreement, where taking out people that only want to cause more suffering and death would be a good thing. That's where the line is drawn. As far as him calling Putin a better leader than Obama, well myself I can't disagree with that one when it comes to taking on terrorism. Obama called ISIS the JV team, well that JV team nearly took Iraq over. Some bad decisions making there.

I don't see Trump liking Putin well enough to start taking money into his foundation from Russia, then have his spouse give a speech to a bank in Russia which also works very closely to the Russian Government. Oh wait... that's not Trump.

There's two way different issues here, people are concerned with the things Trump has said and rightfully so to a degree. However I'm more concerned with what Hillary has DONE.