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And if it turns out that Donald Trump lied? what will you do?

What did the Democrats do when the Obama Administration lied? I know what they did, this is all you heard... "crickets"

So then by your own admission you are no better than the democrats you seem to have disdain for?

What's good for the goose is good for the gander too right?

There's so much bullshit hypotheticals flying around now it's ridiculous. Someone in the mainstream media will take a word twist it and call it news when in fact it has no merit whatsoever. The media and the leftist propaganda machine (George Soros funded at that) is putting out there all kinds of stupid shit. If it's true we will find out soon enough. Obama had a lot of bullshit when he got in office, but It was never on the scale as this. People have fucking mind melted over Clinton losing. I really think people believe if they find anything that somehow Clinton will be put in office. It would be almost laughable if people didn't believe that.

There has been NO positive stories from the Trump administration. Trump signed orders to help promoting women in business along with math and science. Yet you barely heard a thing from all the bashing going on. People have little confidence in the media anymore. I'd say that's true since most are more worried about being first than being accurate. Do and say what you can to be first, seems to be the motto within the media. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trust-in-media_us_57148543e4b06f35cb6fec58

My point is there surely will be investigations anything done and said now until the investigations are done is nothing more than hypotheticals.

Maybe there are few positive stories because the President and his underlings are a complete mess? Should we applaud the president when he performs the bare minimum amount of work now?

I'm not going to even defend my fellow Journalists because there is no need to. You think the media is some sort of singular hive mind controlled by a nefarious individual, that sir gave me a good laugh. I see it different however, what I see is a complete idiot at the helm of this country.


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