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In what universe do you live in that this current administration is "disastrous"

In the universe where you can't easily buy a new car, where at least half of local buisness shuttered, where inflation is accelerating, where largest employer in US has workers peeing in bottles, where migrants uncontrollably pour through southern border, and where political majority with control of both chambers and presidency can't even pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill because of internal squabbles and where That just domestic issues.

So yes, the universe outside of progressive social media echo chamber. That one.

And how is most of this the current administrations fault? Because OAN told you so? You're aware that there are worldwide supply chain disruptions because of this little thing called a pandemic? And the vast majority of the issues you listed cropped up under the last administration because they thought it would be funny to watch blue states get decimated by a virus?

And we can't pass a bipartisan bill because Mitch has made it his lifes goal to be an obstructionist and conservatives fall in line because they are scared of their own constituents.

Lastly democrats come in and bring the deficit down and then a few years later we get "fiscally responsible" republicans that get in office and increase the nations debt exponentially.

What a joke lol.

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