I always love how Sini speaks as if he is a wealth of knowledge on just about every subject known to man, let alone to crawl within the walls of KGB. And if you don't think like him, well, look out, you are probably intelligent and gifted in life, which will further infuriate him. Ignorance personified

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Get my assertion right: If you use bullshit arguments about equating the destruction of racists monuments to the destruction of history, you are de facto sympathizing with racists.

Feel free to reply with long winded explanations about why the monuments aren't racist, don't contribute to racism, are essential to the preservation of history, and how you have a few black friends

Were you born ignorant and stupid Rhaikh or have you worked hard at being this ignorant as well. Please, enlighten me on how a monument to General Robert E. Lee is racist, make certain you use complete sentences and by all means, reference material to support the ridiculous nature of that argument will be required. Unbelievable.

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