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For $200 million, that is some PR stunt.

Why do you hate AT&T workers so much that you begrudge them their bonuses?

If you don't like Direct TV, don't pay for their services. I just stream through a ROKU, and that works fine by me.

I don't know if the Direct TV decision makes good business sense or not. Consumers will decide that for themselves. If their customers decide they offer good value for the price and are willing to pay it, I don't see that it's any of your business. If consumers decide to go elsewhere, that is fine, too.

Either way, just because you are butthurt about Trump's legislative success, I don't see why anyone should care what you think.

I know 200 Million might seem like a lot to an individual but the amount they will be getting back by raising the prices on us and what they are saving in this new tax scam outweighs this enormously. As usually the shortsightedness and ignorance of conservatives shock me.

If I don't like DirectTV / Verizon / AT&T / Comcast, don't pay for their services, unless you need that silly little thing called internet to get your ROKU to stream anything. Guess it's MAGA now that we got rid of that silly little thing called Net Neutrality, and they can tier off the internet, or ransom Netflix to pay them money for bandwidth, which would just be reflected in a Netflix price increase. No matter what the consumer pays more.

Say facepalm it facepalm with facepalm me facepalm ISP's facepalm are facepalm monopolies facepalm due facepalm to facepalm the facepalm high facepalm cost facepalm barrier facepalm into facepalm the facepalm market. A lot of people don't even have a choice of providers.

And who said I hate AT&T workers? is this projection from you? You seem to have some weird hatred of the lower / middle class. Your shortsightedness is staggering. They deserve to have their wages increased but instead they get a PR stunt that will see them getting 1000 dollars once, which over a year turns out to be nothing.

But hey, lets keep shoveling and funneling money to the top, its gotta come down eventually right?