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All of it is this administration's fault because they are in charge. Your network hammered Trump for things he did, for things he didn't do, and for things he could have done. At least pretend to apply the same standard to Biden. Now that Biden is in charge and very visibly failing in a lot more ways than Trump's administration ever did, you suddenly producing excuses or worse. Why? Because you are not objective or rational in your approach to politics.

Hmm did I miss something? Did Biden try to overthrow a free and fair election? How about getting impeached twice and a TON of other things I wont even bother naming?

Any of this is a valid reason to not criticize Biden for his own failures?

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You have clearly lost your way if you think Biden and Trump are even in the same league.

On what issue? Overly-broad statements like that cannot be objectively evaluated and I am not interested in sloganeering. Pick a category. For example, why Biden can't pass bipartisan infrastructure bill while controlling house, senate, and presidency? There is agreement from Republicans to vote for it, what is there to do but to actually vote for it? So roads and bridges can get much-needed repairs? This is the guy who went on national TV and said: "I am the Democratic Party right now". Doesn't look to me he is in control of his own party right now.

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