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So, without factoring in blowback from identity politics and SJW hectoring and threats, how do you explain it?

Economic pain from no-jobs recovery after 2009 further compounded by days-before-election Obamacare rate hikes. Anecdotally, I heard from someone turning up to vote for Trump because they just got a 400% rate hike.

SJW on the left are equivalent to fundamental evangelicals. I personally wouldn't vote for a candidate even if they campaigned wearing colander, I'd certainly approve of that, but not enough to impact my decision-making in a major way.

And like the right-wing fundies, large parts of the left wing caters and kowtows to the SJW crowd, much as the right wing did towards their own religious zealots.

Just as people largely saw the image of Pat Robertson and Rick Santorum behind every GOPer, so do people see Gloria Steinem and Anita Sarkeesian behind many Dems, or at least Hillary. (even if they don't actually know their names) Hillary's tone and allied media didn't help that perception either.


I think your statement regarding economy and Obamacare is part of it, but I also saw data indicating that the vast bulk of Trump supporters were doing OK. Plus, it's not like he had any real cogent policies that he consistently articulated to address jobs. The fact is, there was a large confluence of many factors, and quantifying their relative impact will take time.

Also, recall the humiliating manner in which opposition to said Obamacare was not just fought by the Dems and MSM, but completely delegitimized. (outside of Faux News anyhow, which is its own barrel of snakes)

Don't underestimate the degree to which middle America feels insulted, disrespected, and despised by the DC/NYC Establishment and their left coast compatriots. The feeling is that those forces are genuinely "out to get them", and objectively speaking, there is even some truth to it. Of course they also believe a lot of silly things, but it is what it is.

Part of the reason this is all so hard to quantify, is because it stems from a general sense of malaise, that I think few people are able to articulate clearly.

The fact is, one could lay blame on any great number of factors, and there would probably be at least some truth to any of them. What I worry about, is the Democrats continuing down the path of simply demonizing everyone who disagrees with them as racist, or sexist. That doesn't seem to be a winning strategy, and having either party control executive plus legislative is something I find pretty scary.

For who could be free when every other man's humour might domineer over him? - John Locke (2nd Treatise, sect 57)