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Really? Damn. It isn't that bad. When the US does go down, it will take most of the rest of the world with it anyhow.

As far as stages of grief, you got to bargaining.

Nah, more like I'm mostly over it. I've been predicting this path for a long, long time. So has the Deep State, you don't spend hundreds of billions on internal security because you're afraid of a few cavemen in turbans.

Nonetheless, I have seen people thinking it was "the end" for quite a while, and be mostly wrong. I'm thinking Trump came soon enough that there are still enough civic "antibodies" left to fight the infection. We might even be graced with some temporary immunity.

Time will tell. Maybe the fever that has gripped both sides of the spectrum will break.

I disagree with you on one major thing though, from the other thread: details matter. Letting the details slide leaves them in the hands of others, who are able to work them for their own benefit.

This is fundamentally why we, the citizens, always lose. Populism, nor even popular democracy, are capable of detailed thinking. At least not in the age of social media.

For who could be free when every other man's humour might domineer over him? - John Locke (2nd Treatise, sect 57)