The strict adherence to party/ideology, combined with the fact that people who seek government positions are generally scum, ensures that this cycle of he-said she-said will continue. Accountability isn't even on the horizon at this point, and the prospects of its arrival look pretty grim. This reminds me of this post I saw today on reddit from /r/LateStageCapitalism (a socialist subreddit, only saw it because it popped up on /r/all):

[commenting on a picture that envisioned a world without Net Neutrality]
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88% of the U.S. opposes this, yet we have to fight this by the millions every single year. Really shows you how much power we have left in this capitalist dump.

Because this person adheres to a socialist ideology, in their mind all of our problems exist because of capitalism. Nevermind that their own statement lays out in no uncertain terms that the problem isn't capitalism, but rather corrupt government officials who do not enact laws based on the will of the overwhelming majority of the people.

Simple fact is, it is unlikely either side of this newest juicy headline will ever be able to prove their case, certainly not to the satisfaction of the opposition. I find it best to withhold judgement until I see some actual proof. Call me a cynic.

Edit: If you choose to search up the post I mentioned avoid scrolling past the first few comments at all cost. The resonance in that echo chamber has probably built up to lethal power by now.

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