Ok man, if this will get us back to the actual argument, here you go (taken from the first link when googling as I mentioned):

Statue of Charles I, who was King of England and was deposed and beheaded after the English Civil War. Displayed in London.
The Obelisk of Sao Paulo commemorates the losers of the failed 1932 Sao Paulo Civil War.
The Wolfe-Montcalm Monument in Quebec commemorates both the winner and loser of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.
The Tecumseh Monument (for that matter, just about ANY Native American Monument would apply) in Ontario

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The Province of Quebec even has a holiday (and monuments) to the ‘Patriotes’ of the failed 1838 rebellion in Lower Canada (Quebec). Some people have even put up memorials to the failed Upper Canada rebellion as well. There are even monuments to the Fenian raids, which failed of course.

The Glenfinnan Monument commemorates the failed Jacobite Rising by Prince Charles Edward Stuart in Scotland

I'm not going to waste any more of my life on this argument, but by all means feel free to dissect these few examples I've listed and tell me why these are all good losers, more worthy of commemoration than any other loser.

edit: Hilariously, the first link I opened on reddit after submitting this post was this image, which sums up the danger of forgetting about the losers in history, whether they deserved to lose or not.

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