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I guess I am, if you define trolling as presenting accurate information. Is the Podesta group cofounded by Tony Podesta, Hillary's campaign manager, not under investigation, and did he not have contacts with Russians and the Russian government?


Now I am of the opinion that it is not illegal to do business with Russia, but if Democrats want to get their panties in a twist over those who do, don't just twist up your panties about Republicans. Democrats are just as involved.

Yes but what you're guilty of is whataboutism. This thread is called "Trump card" where we discuss the Trump administration. All you have been doing this entire thread is go, "so what, democrats do it as well" That may be true, and that is also a no go in my book, its why I voted for Bernie but it certainly does not absolve Trump and his cronies of any crimes.

People will be going to jail and you will be sorely disappointed when its not Hillary but Trump lackeys.