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So is this quote from the book that you were so excited about just a lie? If there is a good chance that it's a lie, why be excited about it? Because even if it is a lie, it serves to confirm your bias, your prejudice and your bigoted false opinions.

This is why the book is a worthless piece of trash. Not even the author can say if any of it is true. But it does serve to get people like you excited.

That doesn't say anything good about people like you.

Nothing to see here folks, just more juvenile shitposting from a resident Trumpster.

Your impotent rage against reality and your bizarre and disjointed responses make you a posted child and a walking Exhibit A on how representative democracy fails. After all, how could rational democratic process survive if enough willfully ignorant people like you are there just to vaudeville?

Time and time again, you fail to demonstrate that you are capable of comprehending anything outside of your echo chamber. Obviously, "the book is a worthless piece of trash" to you, because you don't care about integrity, rationality, norms and standards of presidential conduct.

The book is a lie only in your disturbed and diseased imagination. For the rest of us, it is a journalistic attempt to describe malfunctioning presidency run by a dilettante and a freak show operator. A Howard Stern show in the Oval Office, only more vulgar.

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