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Either we have to be serious about ALL of it, or one has to presume this is just more liberal electoral bullshit butthurt in play.

Flip that 180, and you see the problem. No one is holding anything to objective standards. In the future, when others are caught I'm similar circumstances, they will just point to the Trump issue and say "but they got away with it, so you can't hold us accountable for anything either."

Accountability has to start somewhere, and it is obvious that the current incarnation of the GOP has no desire for any accountability to start with them.

After this fiasco, the Dems will be able to get away with even more bullshit than they have in the past, because the GOP will have zero credibility to speak on the matter. They will take your words, change "liberal butthurt" to "conservative butthurt" and throw your words right back at you.

Not that the current GOP is even remotely close to being conservative in any real sense, but rather has become sort of absurd caricature of conservatism.

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