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Where did I concede anything?

I was sarcastic. You are absolutely incapable of admitting to being wrong even when faced with insurmountable evidence to the the contrary. They only time we move on with conversations when others get tired of winning. In this way you are like an NPC - designed to lose repeatedly. However, personally I prefer PvP against capable opponents and not PvE against Owain.

Insurmountable evidence that apparently exists only in your mind.

You made a big deal about Boeing, about the billions of dollars they are raking in in grants, but in the very link you offered, instead of billions in grants, they get instead something like $37 million a year.

Show of hands. Who knows the difference between billions (plural) and $37 million.

Apparently not Sini.

Then you try to make it out as being a horrible burden to the taxpayer that Boeing receives loans from the Ex Im bank. That they pay back. With interest. Earning the Treasury additional income.

I don't know about your PvP capabilities, but at this game, you suck.

To the everlasting glory of the infantry...

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