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Interesting, so Trump bombs Assad, in contradiction of his campaign promises, and all you can think of is how to blame Obama?

Not that I disagree with you that Obama's approach to middle east was incompetent, but now this is Trump's quagmire multi-Billion war in the Middle East to loose and this specific issue is of his own creation.

Yes he contradicted himself, but that was before Assad gassed people. You have to be a fucking fool to sit back and do nothing at this point. He would be another laughing stock of the World If he sat back and did nothing. Then again according the Obama administration they removed all the Chemical weapons, based on that you would have a different view of Syria.

Did Assad gas any Americans? Don't think so. So this is not our problem and if anyone else disagrees they can pay for their own quagmire in the middle east.

Think of it this way. We can spend couple bil removing Assad from power, then spend many more bils trying to stabilize the country. OR . We could have free health care. OR . We could finance mission to Mars.

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