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Because we really need to get the economy going.

We do, so lets hope he didn't mean any of what he said on trade, because tearing up treaties will throw US into deep recession without bringing any of the jobs back.

The appropriate way to fight outsourcing is to heavily tax it. This removes financial incentive. You do this by keeping tax rate high but giving lots of tax credits to anyone who is not outsourcing.

I'm sure he's going to do as he says and renegotiate the trade deals. I'm not sure how that's going to hurt the economy when we are looking for a deal that's more fair for us. Right now the deals favor other countries. What's unfair is for us to lose out on a trade deal all the while giving them Government aid as well. That's a plus plus for those countries. There's nothing wrong with making things fair. I thought that being fair was the left's creed.

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