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With respect to the article in the Atlantic, if Julian Assange contacted Don Jr, so what? I have Nigerian Princes and government officials contact me all the time.

Assange initiated the contact. This was an Assange agenda being pursued, not a Trump agenda.

I agree with this, unless there are additional relevations, this by itself is not damning. However, you have to admit that Assange actions put his neutrality out of question. You can clearly attribute agenda to his leaks (anti-US), and he believed that Trump would further that agenda.

Assange might firmly believe the Earth is flat, but whatever is batting about inside Assange's head, that is governed only by Assange, and neither you, nor I, nor Trump can be held responsible or take either credit or blame.

Do you really want to ever take responsibility for thoughts or beliefs of someone else? Exactly how would that work?

So, let me send you a PM outlining my thoughts in favor of the repeal of Obamcare. Does that put your neutrality or opposition out of question? Should everyone now consider you a supporter of my personal opinions?

A nonsensical position, right?

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