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On the topic of gerrymandering: For gerrymandering to be a thing, at one point, Democrats had to have been in charge and districts had to have been drawn in their favor. For district boundaries to have changed, Democrats would have to had to have been voted out of those offices.

I think what actually happened is that the composition of voting districts changed to benefit Republicans, and that when they were redrawn, they were redrawn to more accurately reflect their current composition.

The gerrymandering complaint then boils down to a ineffective excuse to try to explain electoral failure. Given the collapse faced by Democrats in most states across the nation in the last eight years, that cannot all be due to gerrymandering. Democrats will have to come to grips with that if they ever wish to dig themselves out of the hole in which they currently find themselves.

The Republican strategy to Gerrymander was legendary in 2012, drawing amazement from both sides in a well executed strategy.

The Great Gerrymander of 2012

Republicans have just done a better job of staying in power. They were more organized and won when and where it counts despite being in the minority population wise in many cases.

Take a look at these districts as an example:

Here it is explained:

I am not going to cry about it. My side is just disorganized and lazy. I think exactly what is happening now, needs to if we are ever going to return to power.

Whether we can get it together or not remains to be seen.

How is the House not voted in by popular vote? Thats the only way anyone in the house gets elected.
Your assessment is as bad as Hillary's honor.

You dont take into account populations of small states.
I get in my state 2 Senators same as California and the population difference is 40 mill in cali, mostly dem, and 2 mill in Nebraska, mostly rep. 10 million votes as compared to 500 thousand votes.

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