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If you misrepresent a case to the FISA court for a warrant for surveillance for national security purposes when you are actually conducting surviellance for political puposes, that is a felony offense.

Sure, IF . Do you have any evidence that Obama directed to misrepresent such case with the goal to wiretap Trump for political purposes?

Listen, I am all for throwing Obama into jail if any of this turns to be true. However, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. In this case there is not even indications of wrongdoing. Nothing that would even allow Trump to gracefully walk back his claims. However, you treating this as a given. That is, you are not justified in your views. It is not even a question of different interpretation, there is just no supporting evidence to back any of this.

Even if you actually read the linked blog. It is one unending string of hypotheticals (do a word count on "may"). At some point you seem to forgot that "I bought a lottery ticket and may win a jackpot" and "I bought a lottery ticked and won a jackpot" are two different statements with drastically different meaning.

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