On the one hand, I don't see how anyone who cares about the Constitution could support Trump. Personally, I could honestly give a shit about anything Trump has said about women, fat or otherwise. What I do care about, is his thought that govt can just arbitrarily strip rights from people.

"If the govt says you are too dangerous to X, then you must be too dangerous to Y" is a statement, and action, that totally delegitimizes govt when the "dangerous" tag is applied in a secret process, by inscrutable govt agents, with no recourse. In this case, it often doesn't even target specific people, but rather just a specific name.

Make no mistake, govt losing its legitimacy is not a good thing. Illegitimate govt isnt less govt, it is just a less responsible govt that starts losing any need to allow any checks on its power whatsoever. The fact that the govt still has millions of guns aimed at us doesn't change.

The day is quickly coming where not just writing a political thought, but criticizing certain connected corporate entities, or attempting investigative journalism, will result in being awoken at 4am by armored govt thugs, and hauled off to a hidden cell somewhere for years. All because some crony somewhere signed a paper saying you are a "terrorist", or had "terroristic thoughts." More commonly, instead of hauled off, people will just suddenly find that not only can they not fly, but their assets have been frozen, and they get pulled over and harassed frequently by local police because they are on a "list"


Oddly enough, I'm not sure which candidate will bring us there quicker, but they will both bring us there. Where Trump is a virus that attacks our civic order directly, Hillary is a retrovirus that attacks our civic immunity to such things. We might still have enough civic consciousness to push back against a blatant Trump, but after eight years of Hillary, I'm much less certain. One mistake I think many make, is thinking the Trump problem revolves around Trump. It doesn't. Trump is a symptom, not a cause. Trumpism isn't going away if Trump loses, but after eight years of Hillary, will almost certainly burn with unprecedented intensity.

It's kind of funny actually, I was hanging out with a friend last night who is voting Trump. I asked her if she knew anyone who was voting Trump, and she was all like "hell yea! Lots of people are, I am too." A bit flabbergasted, I asked why. The response was informative, I think.

"Trump will bring change. It might not be good change, it probably wont be. But it will be change, and thats what I want right now."

Heavens help us all.

For who could be free when every other man's humour might domineer over him? - John Locke (2nd Treatise, sect 57)