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I will say it again, comparing anything Biden has done to Trump and Trumpism is laughable.

It isn't. You can't distil Trump's administration to a single event and dismiss all further comparisons as invalid. You could argue that a single event would define Trump's legacy, or that it expemplifies his conduct while in the office, but that not what you are saying. Essentially, your timeline of Trump Presidency is Inaguration - January 6 and nothing else. This reductive approach is absurd.

More so, my original point that I made in reply to Goriom is valid and appropriate:

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Your network hammered Trump for things he did, for things he didn't do, and for things he could have done. At least pretend to apply the same standard [of critical coverage] to Biden.

You finding such comparison too upsetting to consider does not invalidate it.

Let's talk about what is not debatable. His incompetent response to Covid 19 and consistent dishonesty around it and just about everything he is involved in has destroyed our economy in a comparable fashion to the great depression. 700,000 people matter.

How do you get past the way he has treated career military folks like Generals Mattis, Kelly, and McMaster. All of which have spoken out against him after they experienced his leadership and incompetence. Most obvious and terrible was how he treated and spoke about John Mccain, who as you know spent 8 years in prison being tortured for this country and would not accept release based on the fact that his father was an Admiral unless his fellow prisoners got the same treatment. In fact, Trump has a record for the number of staffers dismissed or left office. Also, a record number that have spoken out against him. This is unmatched in history. The full list is here:

Honesty and Trust
FACT: The President has made over 20,000 false or misleading statements since he took office that is an average of 20+ claims a day. All of it is documented here. This is not opinion, but fact. https://www.washingtonpost.com/grap...ine_manual_2&itid=lk_inline_manual_2
It has a great search tool as well

FACT: The Trump administration’s response to the Covid 19 crisis was and is a disaster filled with blatant lies and terrible decisions. It’s all documented here:

There are so many more reasons that I am not mentioning
Grab um by the pussy
Paying off women to hide affairs
The Ukraine phone call and impeachment
Asking to have the Special Council fired
Inability to stand up against Putin
Believing Putin regarding interference in the 2016 election over 8 US intelligence agencies
1. Central Intelligence Agency
2. Office of the Director of National Intelligence
3. F.B.I.
4. National Security Agency
5. Justice Department
6. Department of Homeland Security
7. House Intelligence Committee
8. Senate Intelligence Committee
Splitting up immigrant families
And so many more I cant count. Any questions?

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