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I think the issue is that the Trump crowd intends to do far more than just what Trump hisself wants at a given moment.

Personality cults don't tend to last past leader's death. It is more likely that Trumpism will fade once Trump croacks of the natural causes than any other scenario. The absolutely worst case scenario is 10 years, then it will go the way of the tea party. Then the Trump crowd would scatter like cockraches.

I think you are severely overstate the dangers of Trump by failing to account for his incompetence, lack of motivation, and lack of planning for the future. Sure, in an alternative-reality motivated, disciplined, and tactical Trump could have ended up President for Life by now, backed by a group of equally ruthless and competent posse. However, this is not here and now. You know and I know that Trump is shit at anything but random acts of norm-breaking and bluster.

He is lesser evil, because he is lesser, not because he is not evil.

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