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And when the FISA court turned down the warrant request for Trump himself, what did they do? They get warrants to tap his aides and associates, and Trumps conversations with them are still being monitered.

Either way, Trump's conversations were still being subject to surrveilance before, during, and after the election, which one might expect in some banana republic, but before Obama, not in the United States.

Maybe this was the change Obama promised, to make the U.S. a surveillance state.

You are inconsistent even within your own descriptions. In this post you act as if Obama actually ordered wiretapping of Trump. What you present as evidence is court-approved DOJ investigation into Trump aide.

I hope you understand that Watergate lead to impeachment not because wiretapping, but because it was done illegally?

Alternatively, you should be arguing that everyone working on the presidential campaign should get immunity from criminal prosecution. However, presently not even legislative immunity goes that far. That is, elected officials don't presently enjoy a degree of immunity that you suggest this aide should have.

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