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"So what are you going to do when there is no next step and deficit simply keep growing? Is that going to be that elusive red line on Trump for you?"

I don't know, but I suspect you will be far more butthurt if the economy continues to thrive, because your irrational hatred of Trump overrides what is good for the country.

and your cult like love for the guy blinds you to the scumbag that he truly is. There is a reason that New Yorkers don't like him. He doesn't actually care about people, he likes "winning". He's the type of person that gets off at showing up in a bigger Jet than his fellow millionaires. For gods sake, the dude has ties to the mob here in NYC and has screwed countless people over. This is the guy you choose as your champion? well I got bad news for you, the blue wave has started and we are riding it well into the 2018. Hopefully we can scale back the amount of looting he will do of the Treasury directly into his pocket until, and I am being very very hopeful here, Bernie decides to run again.

The thing that has Democrats running scared is what will they do if he just keeps on winning? What if makes good on his promises? What if he really does Make America Great Again?

In other news, butterfly wing chaos theory strikes again. In a remarkable coincidence unrelated to the election of a Republican administration, black unemployment is at an historic low.

Democrats hardest hit by the news.


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