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Can you think of anything Trump could do that would change your mind about supporting him? That is, if he pulls back the mask and turns out to be a lizard person, would that be a deal breaker? Could you name couple things that would be unforgivable? What if he came out supporting free government sponsored abortions? What if he turned to be flat-earther? What if he admitted to Rob Ford-like crack habit?

Also, I preemptively apologize if you take this post as an attack. This is not my intention. I am just truly fascinated and would like to understand your thinking.

OK I'll start off with the name calling and women. Starting with Rosie O'donnell. She started on him because of his decision to not fire Tara Conner Miss USA for underage drinking and sexual activities. Rosie started slamming Trump on his decision, then went to a rant about his bankruptcies, marriages and having kids from different women. Then told him to sit and spin. He first called her a Loser and a woman out of control. Later when the name calling war continued was when he made the pig comment. I don't see anything wrong with that. Could he have been a bigger person and ignored it? YES. But some people as myself do not let people simply walk on by after making comments that I do not like. She deserved it, if words hurt her then people like that need to keep their mouths shut because it's a two way street.

When Alicia Machado gained some weight, he said she was a person that liked to eat. Does this really hurt people's feeling? Saying they like to eat? c'mon that's just absurd. However the other comments about miss piggy and miss house keeping is something he shouldn't have said. It's bad but not a deal breaker. I get that Trump has the open mouth insert foot problem. He could be so far ahead right now Clinton would really be in trouble if would keep his mouth shut on the extra comments. This is what you get when you have someone that speaks their mind. They tend to say shit that's not the typical "Political" line.

I go off more of what people have done than what they have said. On Trumps taxes, is it fair that he gets to wright off and pay little to no tax? Absolutely it's unfair. But it's not illegal, I do the same thing if I'm able to take a tax break I'll do it every time. For starters I think payroll federal taxes is bullshit. I think I made that clear already. He's doing what millions of other people are doing that have business's and big money. This isn't their fault, it's the Government's fault for not reforming taxes. He said he will release them and I think he will. He did offer a great deal to Hillary, if she released everything she's supposed to with her server that he would immediately release everything despite what his lawyers say.

If he had done something illegal with taxes he would have been in trouble already. Despite the play on taxes, he still has to pay taxes for employees, along with local and state taxes on all his properties. That's something even rich people can't get out of. So again, not releasing them hurts him some but I don't think it's a deal breaker, he did turn in his financial disclosure form that he was legally obligated to do.

You asked what a deal breaker would be. First I'll say Trump was not my first choice Rand Paul was. I do have issues with some of what Trump says, but it isn't a deal breaker. I would say I'm following the footsteps of Democrats when it comes finding something that would be a deal breaker. If starting your Political career in a guys house that helped blow up the Pentagon among other sites. Sit in a church with a guy the likes of Rev. Wright. Have another person that has been riddled with scandals her whole career, that has also been fined many times for wrong doing in many of those scandals. Then to go on and have a private server in her basement that was unsecure and passed classified information on then went on to wipe the hard drives, while also taking donations to her Foundation from foreign Government and them buying access to her with their donations, along appointing some donors in positions with the government. If those people can do all of that and not be a deal breaker, I guess the bar for that is set pretty high. So I'm just following the Democrats rules when it comes to things that are or aren't deal breakers. As I've said before, What Trump has said and what Clinton has done is a big difference. You can take back what you've said, you can't take back what you have done.

You shouldn't apologize, I don't take it personal at all.

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