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Small government just creates power vacuum. Substituting profiteering corporations instead of corrupt government is not in any way will lead to improvement.

That argument might make more sense if Goldman Sachs and Exxon Mobil weren't about to start leveraging the power of govt directly, for the benefit of their own market outcomes, at the expense of everyone else. (again)

Seriously though, there is a difference between limited govt and weak govt. The problem is the current lack of discernment between things govt should and shouldn't do, and how it should and shouldn't do them. Lack of philosophical underpinnings and practically unlimited power results in govt doing either a) whatever "sounds good" at the moment, and can be sold to the public - or b) whatever various people in govt can get away with when "no ones looking" or in a position to stop them.

Theres plenty of things govt should be doing. I'd rather focus on those things, and do them well.

For who could be free when every other man's humour might domineer over him? - John Locke (2nd Treatise, sect 57)