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But your alignment with Trump on this particular issue has me really disgusted to even be associated with you. This is a matter of respect for humanity and you are demonstrating incredible stretches of logic to avoid it.

This is exactly the type of thinking that makes me shake my head in despair for the future.

You even make my point by coming back around and saying it is about siding with/against Trump. Despite saying that I am stretching logic, no logic has been offered in rebuttal. Your only rebuttals thus far have been an appeal to pity, which is a clear logical fallacy. Just because bad things have happened to people does not mean that your particular thoughts on the matter are correct. What has been offered are attempts at shaming, which is neither logical nor convincing.

Especially considering that the impetus of everything I've said here has been towards simple prioritization, reason for the focus on the issue, and consideration for real ramifications. I offer examples of things that I think people should be caring about, and instead of thoughtful rebuttal or debate on the topic I get called a white supremacist that people should be disgusted to be associated with.

This is exactly the type of behavior I am thinking of when I mock the Coastal Left, and is in fact the type of thinking I chimed in to criticize. That I wrote here not in support of statues, but rather to criticize the SJW Left and end up getting called a white supremacist for it is justification in of itself for continuing criticism of the SJW Left.

It also represents a sense of haughty self-righteousness so strong that it transcends ideology and becomes faith. This is far more dangerous than a handful of actual white supremacist wingnuts showing up at some rally with tiki torches and stupid chants. Most death and destruction that can be found in the annals of human history that did not derive from simple conflicts over resources, can in fact be attributed to this type of unreflective faith in one's own moral authority - and in fact a great many simple conflicts for resources were in fact publicly justified along such lines.

I still remain convinced that your style of thinking and pernicious labeling is counter productive to any actual social gains, and your social prerogatives inferior in terms of benefit were they to be actualized.

For who could be free when every other man's humour might domineer over him? - John Locke (2nd Treatise, sect 57)