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I mean, I am apart of this nefarious media you speak of. I can go into the CBS archives right now and find you a ton of material of Trump being Trump, which is him being stupid and saying terrible things. I wont though, because leaking CBS archive material would get me fired.

Trump is getting shit because he is a shitty person and truly is the worse of the two. A Trump presidency would just shift the corruption from USA nobility to his business partners. I'd rather continue with the status quo than elect this man and have no idea what trouble would come down the line.

Lastly, my father works in real estate in NYC, one of the first things his boss and colleagues told him was never do a deal with Trump. The guy would blackmail you, lie, and see you fired just so he can save an extra buck per sq ft in a deal.

Never deal with Trump.

*edit: I would like to also add that I am not a fan of Hillary, I was and still am a Bernie supporter. Unfortunately, I will have to vote for Hillary.

The Media is supposed to be neutral. There is a very noticeable bias in media. Not just one or two but ALL of them. One way or another they are all biased. To find a true neutral media is probably as hard or harder to find a truthful politician.

I can turn on any mainstream media and you already know who they are railing on. Very little is said about the Hillary campaign. No doubt there are some individuals in media that aren't like that. But they can't really voice their opinions or they would surely be fired.

It's hard to get the truth from any media. You have to piece it altogether like a puzzle from all media then hope you can come close to getting the facts. It is really sad that the Media is protected by the constitution yet they are afraid to report the truth because of the biased opinions of those in the upper management.

I remember many years ago when I was a kid that the media was somewhat believable and you did get some truth out of it. Nowadays it's like a race to see who can follow the ambulance to get the shock and awe story, who cares if it's the truth or not. Hell when you do get a video of someone going under cover for a story they call it "Hearsay" even when people in the video were taped saying it. The world today is sinking further into an Idiocracy.