You can't fix stupid!

The latest example came Wednesday night when Trump issued this statement via his Save America PAC:
"If we don't solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented), Republicans will not be voting in '22 or '24. It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do."
If you built a statement in a lab, you would be hard-pressed to make it more counterproductive to Republican efforts to win back the House and Senate majorities they lost in the Trump years.
What Trump is saying, quite simply, is that unless and until he is restored as president -- due to (nonexistent) voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election -- Republican voters should withhold their votes in the 2022 midterms (and the 2024 presidential election).
It's reminiscent of the "strategy" used by Trump's "legal" team during the Georgia Senate runoffs earlier this year.
Sidney Powell urged "all Georgians to make it known that you will not vote at all until your vote is secure — and I mean that regardless of party." Lin Wood, meanwhile, told voters that "this is Georgia. We ain't dumb. We're not going to go vote on Jan. 5 on another machine made by China."
Both Republican incumbents lost the runoffs and, in so doing, Democrats seized the Senate majority. Absolutely brilliant "strategery" there by Powell and Wood.

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