Biden winning WH and GOP maintaining Senate may be optimal outcome. I share most of the concerns you listed, but for the time being dont think that the Senate/Court packing will occur. I do find it disturbing that many on the left simply want to lower the bar to match the GOP. Few people in any camp seem inclined to care about process, or show much respect for the opinions or values of anyone outside their own social/political circles. Why discuss, when you can demonize? Why debate, when you can gaslight?

I think one of my biggest worries had Trump won again, was his utter disregard for the principles that underpin the functioning of a republic. The type of disregard that leads him to claim that the election was "stolen illegally" without presenting any evidence. Having Bushes/Clintons being omnipresent in the Presidential conversation and their close allies continually walking through the Beltway revolving doors was bad enough, four more years of Trump may have helped the Kushners and Trump Jrs embed themselves more firmly in the DC infrastructure and larger political landscape. They may end up being recurring figures in any case, but ejecting them sooner seemed to me a better option than letting them hang around another four years.

In any case, there don't really appear to be any bright spots. It seems clear to me that we are in a state of social and political decline, and have been for some time. The question is what the eventual destination will look like, how long it takes us to get there, and whether the end result is a flavor of leftist authoritarianism, right-wing populist authoritarianism, entrenched oligarchism, or something else entirely that we have never seen before because it wouldnt have been possible pre 21st century.

Plus, not all paths leading down the mountain are created equally. Some are gently winding descents, and others would lead us over rotten rope bridges spanning bottomless chasms of annihilation.

For who could be free when every other man's humour might domineer over him? - John Locke (2nd Treatise, sect 57)