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The voter ID thing is about intimidation and finding ways to disqualify votes based on typoes and technicalities that arent even often committed by the voter. Oh, you last name on ID is Freeman... but here on this voter roll it was typed out "Fremen" sorry, tossing your vote. And the people being targeted have less ability to work through channels to contest. As for mail in voting, theres been no evidence of fraud, and no reason to think there would be fraud - and even if there were the answer would be additional mail/ballot tracking. Its easy enough in todays world to see exactly where your package or letter is, and where it ends up.

What you discribe is a real issue, but it is unrelated to having to present identification to vote. Many countries, like Canada and UK, have strict voter identification laws and yet the abuses you described have not materialized.

Personally, I support Voter ID laws when mail-in-voting is involved. There were numerous documented cases of voter fraud, just not on systemic scale that would alter the outcome of the elections. The very real damage of any voter fraud is undermining confidence in elections. Trump is able to claim systemic fraud because it is sufficently plausible that you can find instances of fraud making it impossible to outright rule Trump's claims out.

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I've seen real voter supression in action, with my own two eyes. I used to live in a high end neighborhood in the heart of Columbus generally referred to as German Village https://www.thefitchlawfirm.com/blog/columbus-ohio-best-and-worst-neighborhoods/ (#2 on list) - and we had a short line to vote, and 3 voting machines. Now, being in the heart of a city it was one of those cases where just a few blocks away there was an enormous income divide (and color divide) where I saw with my own eyes the lines of people waiting to vote that literally streteched around several blocks. They had 1 voting machine to serve far greater numbers of people. It even made local news, which is how I know they had one machine, though I saw the lines myself.

What you describe happened without voter ID laws in place and can be addressed even with voter ID laws in effect.

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