Hypocrite. The warcry of the party at fault first. The Tu Quoque fallacy liberals love to employ.

The bill is out for all to read and debate. If anyone in congress feels there has been insufficient time to read, debate, and/or amend, they can vote agsinst the legislation, as my Senator, Mike Lee, plans to do.

This isn't unusual. Legislation is typically developed in committee, then debated. Some would like a vote before the upcoming recess. I would like a Masserati. We dont always get what we want.

If the legislation is passed, then the Senate collectively will have decided they had debated and amended it to their liking. Not everyone will agree, but our system of government doesn't require everyone to agree. Only that most agree.

If most agree, then that is one step closer to getting rid of the miserable failure that is Obamacare, a program so despised that arguably it cost Democrats the House in 2010, the Senate in 2014, the oval office in 2017, and is largely responsible for the current Democratic electoral collapse nationwide.

That is a degree of failure that is hard to match.

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