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We seriously have the most transparent liar in chief folks, don't we? bigly transparent.


inb4 regular ol'joe makes excuses for the millionaires / billionaires. This for-the-1% tax cut bill is definitely good for America, trust me!

That was probably Trumps intent, but Trump doesn't write legislation. Congress writes legislation, and they didn't see fit to include a Trump Carve Out Exception.

Since Trump donated his salary last year to the National Parks, and further donated $1 million to hurricane relief, and donated to many more worth causes as well, I think we can cut him some slack for the legislative oversight.

But if he pays taxes, and the legislation cuts taxes, how would it not affect him? Perhaps what he plans to do is once his taxes are calculated, any amount that he would save on taxes he might donate to the treasury. Maybe we should wait to see what he does before posting stupid shit.

You can donate to the treasury as well, as I think I suggested to you previously. If you really want to pay more in taxes, cut a check to the Treasury Department. They will accept it gladly.

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