I fixed my issues and talked with Donk some last night. I will be in for PvP for release 9. Something crapped out on the 64bit version and once I switched to 32 I was able to play without crashing anymore.

Since I couldn't log in to multiplayer I had some time to do the single player offline, explore and of course mess with the crafting system.

Some things I noticed. The crafting is really in depth but they haven't implemented too many recipes so all the gold and silver ore I got, I was not able to craft anything with it. I made my own armor and there is nothing in place yet that marks it with your name or initials etc.

For pre-alpha I was surprised there weren't more bugs but my favorite one by far was killing a stag outside of owl's head and the corpse kept running around as if the animal was still alive and running from it's hunter. My son begged me not to report it because it was so funny looking. It reminded me of that old football game with the magnets underneath that would drag your players around the field....ahhh good stuff.

I saved up about 60k within less than 8 hours. I am assuming the gem drops are broken and the NPCs are dropping way more than they should because gathering $ was really easy.

Anyone else run into any funny bugs? I tried chopping a tree and ended up flying through the air about 80 feet backwards before the character went back to the tree and cut it down. I was able to use this bug to get me on top of statues and large rocks etc which was funny.

I learned something new - if a tree falls in the woods, it indeed does not make a sound....thanks you SotA for prooving that to me.