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I for one will be on for Release 8. Not sure how much but I plan to try out the PVP etc. Please keep in mind it is still early, the animations suck, it is sluggish and we can hope all that will change. Who all is planning to be on for release 8?

Just added $50, wish I could afford more but my wife will kill me as it is for that much lol. This is a very exciting opportunity and I want to be a part of it!

Every little bit helps. Were keeping it going till right after the top of the month. Trying to get the Town for $3,000.00 i think were rather close.

I'll be testing pvp tonight in the Dev+ test, and ill try some of it out later this weekend, but I'll also be testing Destiny out as well.

Got some testing in. The deck system is different needs work but has its advantages over using standard hotbar setups. Melee combat owns atm with the damage compared to spells. Not much in the magic department to use. Some are much better than others.

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