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Zhou, am I just being overzealous? How much time do you think I have. Will waiting impact our location or quality?


Well as far as I know, they just added payment plans for people wanting to buy a town. I would expect you would be safe till October at least probably longer but the dev team will probably set out to get things ready then. They would announce if they were ending sales.

As far as the quality no effect. Each town depending on schedule and time will be able to be designed, or will have the ability to chose certain layouts depending on your city size and lots.

As far as location, each owner will only get to ask for two things. Biome style and section of the map. So if you want a city near Brittney they may chose anything within so many hexes around the area. You won't chose exact location.

The official stance from the Devs at the moment is don't email us. When we are ready for that aspect we will contact owners.

Also based off the recent player housing live stream. Owners who desire to upgrade to larger sized towns after launch will be able to do so since changing a hex won't require too much effort.

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