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I am sure any allies living in said town would be taxed, as well as buying the spot initially...

You would have to buy or obtain a lot deed to place a house, the lots are owned by KGB. Now your lot deed is either tax free from a pledge or taxed through in game or add on store. Houses have no taxes.

Correct instrument, you will never lose your house or items in the house if the place falls the lot just becomes available again. If some random places, KGB can evict him from our city.

Vyse no idea in tax rates, it's a personal preference if you want a lot or not. We don't have a lot of space for everyone to own city lots. The town probably will consist of many village lots and some town, maybe a city or 2 for guild buildings no idea really.

I'm sure those who have backed before the game launch and donated can place their specific lot in town. I have a town lot and a village lot given to bandit.

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