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I just don't trust Richard anymore. He is even more batty then he was in the 90's. After Star Citizen, I put my foot down about "Pre-Funding" titles before they even have anything to show. One of the things that worries me about both SC and SotA is that both of these Game Studios heads have shown an amazing talent of enriching there own lives through there projects. Right now, CR is living the dream with our money and is so deep in the hole on promises he will have to deliver the best Space Sim MMO ever to even come close to meeting the promises he made. At least with SotA, Richard has learned that over promising will lead to significant let down over time and SotA doesn't have the raw number of people backing it to afford people walking away from the project.

The "Twitch Effect" isn't helping either of these games. The short term ADHD effect of current main stream gamers who flutter from new title to new title and grind through the content in the first week to two weeks and then move on is at a frenzy. This reality is further enforced with the over popularization of streaming and those streamers continually only playing the newest games in order to generate viewer ship and the whoring of those titles in give aways as product placement by the companies making said title.

The only real saving grace anymore for longevity of a title is a pseudo e-sport functionality and something that placates to short attention spans and limited in-game time. The reality is no one cares about killing rabbits and turning them in. The "Level Grind" is a significant deterrent anymore to even playing a game. The reality is, developers are learning that no one wants to level to get to the PvP or end content. Make your game about PvP or the End Content and get rid of all the pre-leveling to get to that point.

In short, I am on the fence about SotA until I have any degree of confidence that this project isn't going to crash and burn or just truly suck balls and be another grinder.


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