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Its important to note that even if we buy the town as a guild in order to have a house you will need to purchase a plot deed then the style house you want (unless you have donated and already have both).

At least they will have a spot saved for them and can work their way to purchasing it without a feeling of being rushed.

Once we see the general interest, and decide on a town option, then people have to decide the level of home and to make sure they can pay the upkeep if they don't have a tax free lot. We will have a set sq ft to work with but I'm sure we can try to accommodate as much as possible. The more interest the bigger the city. There are already 2 Metropolis purchased by large organizations.

We will be able to name our NPC buildings, our npcs and design the layout with the dev team and name the city and much more. So it's a nice feature.

My only concern is the guild HQ building. Ever since adding the Keep and Castle lots they have been quite if they can be bought in game or only through pledge. That kind of decides the central layout if that happens.

***The possibility so far of $1,500.00 Village***

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